Sofia, Goddess of Wisdom
Last update: 1-12-05
Hello world!

My name is Sofia. I have been here for months now, but my official “coming
out” party isn’t scheduled until February 26th, 2005. My big brother was born 2
weeks early so maybe I will see you in a few weeks, or even days! I’m excited
to be born, but I am not in any hurry because I feel very safe and warm in the
loving home my mommy created for me in her tummy.

Below are some pictures of me taken by a 3D ultrasound machine a few
month’s ago on my mommy’s birthday, October 18th. My daddy thinks I am
already too cute and is afraid I will grow up to be as beautiful as mommy. If
you see him, please remind him that I won’t be a teenager for another 13
years, so he has plenty of time to adjust and prepare for it.

I'm glad that I also have a big brother to look out for me. I can’t wait to put a
face to his voice, which I already recognize. I bet we will have lots of fun
together. His name is
Zander. Isn’t that a fun name?

“Sophia” means “wisdom” in Greek, although my name is spelled  "Sofia" like
the capital of Bulgaria. My name has many esoteric connotations relating to
Gnosticism, the Russian Orthodox Church, Greek mythology, etc. But to me it
is more interesting that my name is the same as my mommy’s grandma and
my daddy’s great-grandma.

I have grandparents in California and also in Texas that are all very excited to
meet me in person. Even though they might not get to meet me right away, I
have a feeling they will get to see lots and lots of digital pictures soon after I
am born.

Well, that’s just a little preview of me in the morning of my life. My journey is
just beginning.

Look out, world…